When our docks are created they are poured with PVC sleeves through the top area of the dock known as the bond beam area. Rather than rectangle shaped concrete channels poured around steel hardware, our docks have 45% degree angled channels poured around these PVC sleeves, reducing future cracking around the cross pin.

We use a galvanized 3/4 inch all thread bolt and a 2 inch diameter washer with nut tightened to compress our pressure treated lumber to the sides of our dock systems. This galvanized all thread bolt is transferred through the PVC sleeve already in the dock module.

Having a dock tied together with all thread bolts enables us to attach steel hardware, i.e. pile guides, or knee braces at junctions of two different docks with no stress on lumber or dock.

Even though the concrete dock module itself is the strongest available, when added to this stress transferring pinning system we eliminate any kind of tension on the concrete. This allows the dock to be under constant compression as it was intended to be.

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